Jessie Andrews is a self-made modern woman. At just 25, she is the founder and CEO of four successful business and has become a globally sought-after photographer, in-demand brand builder and fashion week front row mainstay.

While her road to entrepreneurship is anything but traditional, it’s seems that her path was one she was destined for. In 2010, Jessie dropped out of high school just three months shy of graduation and headed west to Los Angeles to pursue film and television. Within the year, Jessie became one of the few adult actress to break through to mainstream—proclaimed an “It Girl” by GQ, Hypebae, and more before getting scouted while shopping at an American Apparel store to be the brand’s exclusive model. Jessie transitioned seamlessly to a successful modeling career, shortly after gracing the covers of Paper, LA Weekly, Monster Children, and more. By age 20, Jessie had become not only a successful model, but an International DJ and producer.

Before her 21st birthday, Jessie started quietly designing fine jewelry as a passion project. Marked by classic simplicity and a delicate personal touch, her Bagatiba line quickly became the go-to celebrity favorite, worn by the Hadids, Jenner’s & Kardashians. As the company grew, it appeared across the pages of many of the top fashion publications globally and her online store’s popularity grew to become one of the top performing stores on Shopify, a platform with over half a million users. Simultaneously, Jessie launched two other fashion brands - Basic Swim, a collection of attainable minimalist swimwear styles and Jeu Illimité, a Parisian-inspired ready-to-wear essentials line. Her motto for fashion is to disrupt the norm and create pieces based not on season or collection, but solely on inspiration and trends. In 2018 Jessie and her best friend Michele Maturo launched a lifestyle & fitness platform called FEW, which stands "For Every Woman" and has also launched a Skin & Sun Care line called Petiue, focused on evolving the way SPF is applied and formulated.

Jessie oversees all lines out of her downtown Los Angeles headquarters — 1201 B Studios. The space is more than just an office. It doubles as a hive for partner artists, photographers, and visionaries of all kinds, speaking to an overarching ideal and creating a rich ecosystem for Jessie’s creative tribe. 1201 also offers brand building, creative direction & production to selective clients.

The success of 1201 B Studios and Jessie’s creative vision for her respective brands has cemented the multi-faceted entrepreneur as a modern muse.

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