Live FAST: Real Talk With Jessie Andrews

Let’s be honest – who doesn’t have a crush on Jessie Andrews? Everything this babe touches drips gold, lending her a mysterious allure. It’s as if no one can really pinpoint just what it actually is that Jessie Andrews does because she does everything – how does she manage to create unforgettable adult films, design irresistible jewelry, model some of the most lustworthy looks and spin tracks that make you want to get down and dirty all at the same time? Great question. This 22-year-old powerhouse is gracefully excelling in some of the toughest industries, seamlessly branding herself into a modern American woman that has ladies everywhere taking notes.

The coolest thing about Ms. Andrews is her attitude – she is unapologetic and has a work ethic that demands respect, yet is incredibly down-to-earth and kind. She’s tasteful, classy, sexy and honest – the twenty-something that every woman strives to be. Jessie was kind enough to take some time out of her insane schedule to chat with us. The product? A conversation that is guaranteed to have you recognize Jessie Andrews as your latest muse.


LF: Where to begin – you’re an award winning adult film actress, model, dj and jewelry designer. You’ve managed to effortlessly excel in each of these industries. How do you approach your work?

JA: Easy, just be the best you can be. Live by rules and goals. Work hard. Be nice. Don’t let people take advantage of you. Do what you want. Stay true to yourself. Don’t do drugs. Save your money. Never stop learning, creating, or developing. Never let something or someone hold you back from what you want to do.

LF: What is a typical day like for you?

JA: If I’m home in LA: I wake up, answer emails, check social media, eat, workout, run errands, work on music, work on jewelry, sometimes shoot, sometimes go to shows, more social media, work at home from bed, then sleep. If I’m traveling/djing: wake up, fly, spend most of my day in the airport, promoter picks me up, eat, drop off at hotel, sort music for the night, pick up, Dj till 3 and sleep for 1 hour then fly. This is my schedule for March 2014. I rarely have a day off, even then I have things to do….

LF: Let’s talk about your music- how did you find yourself dj-ing?

JA: I spent a lot of time going to shows with friends that dj, and realized how much I love music, playing music for people and watching people dancing. So I decided to make it one of my jobs! It’s not a gimmick, I genuinely love djing.

LF: Literally and/or figuratively – what gets you off?

JA: The Hitachi Magic Wand.

LF: Between doing everything short of ruling the world – how do you approach dating, especially with such a hectic schedule?

JA: I don’t really date. I’m too busy, it’s hard for me to meet guys :/ I just try to focus on my career, friends and family. The less you look, the more you’ll find.

LF: One piece of advice you always give your girlfriends?

JA: Don’t let anyone tell you what to do.

LF: What are three people/places/things that never cease to inspire you?

JA: Asian cultures. Instagram girls that post their booty workouts. Innovators.

LF: What do you have in store for the rest of 2014?

JA: Every year I try to top the last. There are already a few big things planned, but you’ll just have to keep your eyes on the stands and my tweets/instagrams!

LF: Number one item on your bucketlist?

JA: Fuck Rihanna.

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